The First Party Summit 

The First Party Summit (June 4-6 in Frisco, Texas) is a content-first, round-table-heavy event for creditors and agencies focused on the unique challenges of first-party work, including customer care, collections, and outsourcing. While the subject may have been addressed in a single session at prior industry conferences, this is the first (and only) event devoted exclusively to the issues for both sides in the First Party environment.

The CFPB has sent signals throughout the past two years that First Party collection activity will be subject to CFPB rules and supervision. The Summit addresses the changing nature of creditor responsibilities, and the evolving relationship between clients and service providers.

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The One-to-One Appointments Forum 

The One-to-One Appointments Forum provides participants with a distinct change of pace from the traditional conference environment. How? By putting formal 45-minute meetings between potential buyers (creditors) and sellers (agencies and creditor-focused tech firms) at the center of the event.

The Forum matches approximately 25 credit grantors with 25 agencies and technology providers based on mutual interest and suitability. Meetings occur in a quiet, professional, closed-door environment. What results is perhaps the most effective and useful two days participants have ever spent outside of the office.

The 3rd annual Forum will take place July 9-11, 2018, in the Dallas, Texas area.

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The Innovation Council

It has become clear from rule making proposals from the CFPB, FCC and various state regulatory bodies that advancements in technology and creative solutions to old issues are going to be essential to the success of all industry organizations (whether creditor, agency, law firm, or debt buyer). In response, the iA Institute has created a formal Innovation Council.

The Council operates in conjunction with the Consumer Relations Consortium. All CRC members are automatically part of the group, which also includes selected technology and professional service organizations that bring the right level of participation, thought leadership, and innovative approach.

This is not a sponsorship opportunity, per se, but rather an opportunity to get involved in substantive technology discussions with top executives from agencies and creditors three times a year. 

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insideARM & the Compliance Professionals Forum present our bi-annual virtual conference / webinar series. Compliance, operations, and training professionals gather to learn from experts focusing on critical topics & industry pressures. ARM-U is a multi-part webinar series that takes place over the course of several days, and is designed as an online classroom-like setting.

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