DULUTH, Ga. — BFrame Data Systems today announced the availability of BFrame Virtual Agent. BFrame Virtual Agent is a smart payment portal that negotiates the maximum payment from a consumer in the same way that a human agent might. The system can be configured to make a variety of offers to consumers, including payment plans, settlement offers and partial payment based on a customizable rules engine that considers portfolio, balance, days on file, existing payment arrangement and other variables to develop appropriate payment offers. 

In addition to payment negotiation, BFrame Virtual Agent includes modules for account lookup, consumer assistance, pre-filled form download, electronic signature and document upload. Electronic signature and document download/upload permit agents to talk consumers through completing, signing and submitting documents live on the phone, rather than waiting for the U.S. mail. The portal is branded for the agency and can be tailored for any agency. 

“BFrame Virtual Agent brings a new level of sophistication to web payment portals. Rather than passively accepting what the consumer might pay, the system makes a series of tailored offers designed to achieve maximum payment,” remarked BFrame CEO Eric Bentz. “Our beta customers are seeing significant payment flows from Virtual Agent and a corresponding decrease in agent call time. They are also enjoying substantially reduced cycle time and increased completion rates on document requests.” 

Virtual Agent is hosted at Amazon Web Services, ensuring high availability and a secure infrastructure, and is tightly integrated with the BFrame Account Portal, Dashboard and core Recovery Management System. Virtual Agent is entirely web-based and mobile responsive, so usable on everything from a smart phone to a tablet or desktop. 

About BFrame

Founded in 1990, BFrame is a leading provider of collections and accounts receivable management software for collection agencies, debt buyers and credit grantors. The BFrame Recovery Management System is rock-solid hosted or licensed software that is easy to implement, easy to use and easy to pay for. Its feature-rich browser interface provides a powerful, flexible and user-friendly front-end to an industrial strength debt collection and recovery management system. System modules include collections, recovery, agency management, buy/sell management and SQL query tools.

More than 3,000 collection and recovery agents use the BFrame system in daily collection operations, with approximately 20 million accounts processed each day. For more information, or to request a personalized product demonstration, visit the BFrame web site at www.bframe.com, or email sales@bframe.com.