STERLING, Ill. -- VeriFacts employees miss no opportunity to stretch their creative and clever muscles, as could be seen on Boss’s Day in October.  What better way to celebrate the appreciation and achievements of CEO Stephanie Clark, than with a witty and bold surprise. Employees gathered in the office for the monthly meeting as Stephanie made her way to the front to address the company.  Much to her surprise, she was greeted by over 100 Hawaiian shirts and mustaches awaiting the updates. And so it began, yet another rambunctious tradition; Magnum PI day to celebrate the VeriFacts history of quality investigative work and a company culture that runs deep throughout each level of the organization.  

If you know VeriFacts, you’re probably already picturing it; the flowered shirts, the stick-on mustaches, the aviator sunglasses.  If not, let’s get you up to speed. Over the last 30 years, VeriFacts has come to be known for its genuine, lively spirit. Whether internally with employees or on the road with clients and vendors, it’s no secret that the sense of Go Big or Go Home is alive and well.  As VeriFacts continues to take the industry by storm, bystanders marvel at the edgy forward thinkers behind the wheel.  The creative and fun culture has developed into not only a place where people want to work, but where people want to stay.  The flexibility and fulfillment breeds long term employees that truly master their craft.


About VeriFacts

Since 1987, VeriFacts has provided quality skip tracing services to the financial industry.  Over 50 years combined experience within the executive team alongside an innovative R&D team provide the most trusted verified solutions available on the market today.  Long lasting vendor partnerships ensure the most transparent compliance and security controls while the client services team offers individualized support and a 100% quality guarantee.

To learn more about VeriFacts and the programs available to support collection efforts, please email or call 800-542-7434.