A credit card receivable is money owed to a bank or issuer on the outstanding balance in a credit card account. Because the borrower is contractually obligated to pay the balance, the creditor expects this amount to be repaid. If a borrower does not repay the balance, it is often charged off as a loss. Since credit card usage is so widespread, and account balances can soar quite high, credit card receivables form the backbone of many financial services functions, such as asset-backed securities, debt collection, and debt buying.

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Assessing the Consumer Credit Market with an Eye to ARM

25 March 2015

CFPB Seeks Input on Credit Card Market, Including Collection and Debt Sales Practices

18 March 2015

CFPB Study Finds that Arbitration Agreements Limit Relief for Consumers

10 March 2015

Judge Approves Third Largest TCPA Settlement Ever with Credit Card Issuer

9 March 2015

Legal Symposium with New York Regulators Clarifies New Debt Collection Rules in the State

27 February 2015

CFPB Orders Subprime Credit Card Company to Refund $2.7 million to Consumers

5 February 2015

CFPB Takes Action to Shut Down Sham Credit Card

4 February 2015

Consumer Debt Delinquencies Continued Broad Decline in Third Quarter

8 January 2015

Credit Card Markets Rebound as U.S. Economy Improves

19 December 2014

CFPB Sues Texas Company for Sham Credit Card

18 December 2014

CFPB Updates Developments Under New College Credit Card Marketing Rules

16 December 2014

CFPB Announces Research Pilot on Consumer Saving; American Express to Assist

15 December 2014

Developments in 1099-C Case Against BofA Should be Closely Watched by ARM Firms

8 December 2014

CFPB Proposes Strong New Federal Protections for Prepaid Financial Products

13 November 2014

Circuit Court Rules Against ARM Firm in Allowable Interest FDCPA Case

28 October 2014

President Signs Executive Order on Identity Theft; Endorses Chip and PIN for Cards

20 October 2014

Share of Debt Types of Youngest and Oldest Consumers Changed Dramatically in Last Decade

8 October 2014

Consumer Delinquencies Fall Nearly Across the Board in Second Quarter

7 October 2014

Credit Card Use Mirrors Broader Economy in First Quarter

30 September 2014

New Rules for Debt Collection Suits Finalized in New York Courts

17 September 2014