A credit grantor is any individual or business that extends credit to customers. The credit can be for other businesses or consumers and can come in many forms, such as closed-end loans (like auto loans, mortgages, and student loans), revolving loans (like credit cards or certain home equity loans), or a hybrid of the two. Some credit is backed by property or assets. In the U.S., the primary credit grantors are large commercial banks and credit unions. But credit is also extended by small businesses, governments, and other organizations.

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FCC Denies MBA’s Petition to Exempt ‘Servicing Calls’ from TCPA

7 December 2016


CFPB Issues Compliance Bulletin on Production Incentives

30 November 2016


9th Cir. Holds Debtor’s Acknowledgement of Debt Does Not Excuse Untimely Proof of Claim

28 November 2016


4th Cir. Holds Foreclosure is FDCPA ‘Debt Collection,’ Mere Servicer Need Not Provide TILA Notice of Assignment of Loan

8 November 2016


FTC Wins Largest Ever Litigated Judgment -- $1.3 Billion

4 October 2016


Is Marketplace Lending Still the Next Debt Collection Frontier?

4 October 2016


Why Debt Collectors Should Take Notice of IBM’s Acquisition of Promontory

3 October 2016


LendUp Feels Growing Pains As CFPB Orders Payment for Misleading Practices

29 September 2016


Harvest Strategy Group Execs to Speak at National Credit Union Collections Conference

26 September 2016


House Committee Approves Dodd-Frank Replacement Bill

21 September 2016


5th Circuit Rules Against Collector For Not Making Disclosures in Time-Barred Debt Case

14 September 2016

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Wells Fargo $185 Million Penalty is a Warning to Collectors, Too: Look Hard at Your Compensation Plans

9 September 2016


U.S. District Court Judge Dismisses Collection Litigation Suit Against Bank of America

8 September 2016

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Tim Bauer on the Making of a “Must-Attend” ARM Industry Conference

1 September 2016


Small Business Representative Shares Her Thoughts About Yesterday’s Debt Collection SBREFA Hearing

26 August 2016


CFPB Debt Collection Proposals Would Create Problematic New Substantiation Standard

25 August 2016


Wells Fargo Reaches Settlement with CFPB Over Alleged Illegal Student Loan Servicing Practices

23 August 2016


U.S. District Court in Georgia Grants Initial Approval of Wells Fargo $30 Million TCPA Settlement

23 August 2016


Court Affirms Dismissal of Crawford Case for FDCPA ‘Time-Barred’ Proof of Claim, Case Was Itself ‘Time-Barred’

11 August 2016


7th Cir. Deepens Split on FDCPA Liability for ‘Time-Barred’ Claims

11 August 2016