A debt buyer is a firm that purchases debt from another company, usually a creditor or bank, at a deeply discounted rate. The debt purchaser then attempts to collect the debt through its own operations or through the use of a third-party debt collection agency. Some debt buyers may sell all or part of the debt to another party at a profit. Most debt buyers are small and privately held, though there is a handful of publicly traded debt buying companies. Recent changes in law and legal rulings have seen the debt buying industry regulated like collection agencies, or servicers of debt, rather than creditors, or owners of the debt. Debt buyers must adhere to the FDCPA.

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Coming Soon: A Big Debt Collection Deadline in New York

26 October 2016


U.S. Supreme Court Agrees to Hear FDCPA Case

12 October 2016


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20 September 2016


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14 September 2016


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7 September 2016


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7 September 2016


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30 August 2016


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26 August 2016


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25 August 2016


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11 August 2016


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10 August 2016


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8 August 2016


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3 August 2016


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3 August 2016


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2 August 2016


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1 August 2016


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28 July 2016


Midland Credit Management, Inc. Settles Multidistrict TCPA Class Action

26 July 2016


Filing Proof of Claim on Time-Barred Debt Not an FDCPA Violation, 8th Circuit Court Rules

12 July 2016