Originally passed in 1970, The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is a U.S. federal law that regulates the collection, dissemination, and use of consumer credit information. Along with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), it forms the base of consumer credit rights in the United States. The FCRA is enforced by the FTC. Information furnishers – such as creditors, collection agencies, and debt buyers – can supply information to a consumer’s credit report only if they 1) supply complete and accurate information, 2) have procedures in place to investigate disputes from consumers, and 3) inform a consumer if negative information is to be placed on their credit report.

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Capital One Latest to Be Caught in Data Breach, Affecting 100M Consumers

30 July 2019


Compliance With FCRA’s Requirement To Investigate A Dispute Within 30 Days Does Not Satisfy The FDCPA’s Requirement To Promptly Report A Disputed Debt

20 February 2019


What You May Not Know About The Practice of "Pay-for-Delete"

14 February 2019


An Overview of Damages Recoverable Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act

12 February 2019


Prelminiary Approval Sought for $2.2M Settlement in FCRA Case Regarding Pulling Credit Reports to Collect on Parking Tickets

11 February 2019


The True Cost of Litigation: The ARM Industry's Dilemma and One Company's Response

30 January 2019


Reasonable Investigation Under FCRA: Two Times Might Not Be a Charm

22 January 2019


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7 January 2019


State Agencies Can Enforce FCRA Too

20 December 2018


BCFP Issues Interim Rule with New High Reading Level Model Disclosures for FCRA Security Freeze and ID Theft

13 September 2018


CRA, Collection Agency Prevail in June FCRA Case

19 July 2018


Debt Collector Brings RICO Suit Against Lexington Law

7 June 2018

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Collecting Judgment Debt May Not Always Be a Permissible Purpose for Obtaining Credit Reports

1 November 2017

AdobeStock--Natalia Bratslavsky--judicial-appeal-judge-court

Spokeo Update: Ninth Circuit Holds that Plaintiff Adequately Alleged Article III Standing

21 August 2017


Federal Court in Indiana Refuses to Dismiss lawsuit over Collection Agency Obtaining a Credit Report While Attempting to Collect Delinquent Rent

24 July 2017


What You Should Know About "Standing" Since Spokeo

19 June 2017

Big Changes on Horizon for Credit Reporting of Public Records Data

3 April 2017


Judge Dismisses FDCPA Credit Bureau Reporting Case Against Collector

30 March 2017


Employers Beware: Ninth Circuit Finds Inclusion of Liability Waiver in FCRA Background Check Disclosure Form is a Willful Violation

13 February 2017

The CFPB's Consent Orders Regulating the ARM Industry Thumbnail

insideARM Releases Updated CFPB Consent Order Report Including Charts, Analysis and Examples

8 November 2016