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FDCPA Caselaw Review for April 2018

22 May 2018

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Court Denies Request for Re-Hearing in Taylor Interest Disclosure Case

15 May 2018


EDNY: Avila and NYDFS Requirements Collide

12 March 2018

New Jersey: Including a Phone Number on Initial Letter Does Not Violate the FDCPA

6 February 2018


Experts React to FDCPA Court Decision on Emailed Validation Notice

9 October 2017


New York Court Rules Settlement Offer in First Letter Not a FDCPA Violation

3 October 2017

Debt Collector Prevails by Using Safe Harbor Language on Letters in Current Balance Case

15 August 2017

Midland Dodges Class Certification Request in Illinois Letter Case

27 July 2017

RevSpring Enhances its Optimized Delivery Solutions

18 July 2017


Third Circuit Rules in Favor of Debt Collector in Font Size Case

17 July 2017


$25 Medical Bill Turns into $34,500 TCPA Judgment and FDCPA Claim for Damages Still to be Litigated

5 July 2017


Suggestive Medical Collection Letters under Fire in Texas FDCPA Class Action

12 June 2017

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Renkim Corp. Partners with BillingTree’s Payrazr Marketplace to Offer Print, e-Billing and More

23 May 2017


Another "Tax Consequence" Case, Another Decision - This One Positive for Collectors

15 May 2017


Another Court Rules No FDCPA Violation For: “This settlement may have tax consequences. Please consult your tax advisor.”

20 March 2017

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Debt Collectors Sued for Not Assessing Interest . . . Seriously?!?

2 March 2017


Collection Letter Containing Check Box to Dispute Debt Created Potential FDCPA Claims, Federal Court Rules

1 March 2017


Oregon Court Rules in Favor of Agency Over Collection Letter

30 January 2017

Virginia Court Issues Nuanced Ruling in Case Involving Letters Referencing Wage Garnishment

26 January 2017

District Court Says Plaintiff Has Standing in FDCPA Envelope Case, in Spite of Spokeo Argument

24 January 2017