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Consumer complaints are the next hot-button issue that federal regulators are looking to solve. That's why we've honed answers from our popular Ask the Attorney webinar into this finely focused report: to give you a head start on strengthening compliance and best practices.

Our To the Point reports are a critical and essential resource for your Compliance Team. We reached out to some of the most trusted attorneys in the ARM industry -- Don Maurice of Maurice & Needleman; John Bedard of Bedard Law Group; Anita Tolani of Weinberg, Jacobs & Tolani -- and got them to give us the most up-to-date advice, thinking, and debate on legal, regulatory, and compliance topics.

PDF Download, 61 pages

Authors: with Don Maurice, John Bedard and Anita Tolani

NEW in 2014:

  • Section on wage-garnishment (what states have strict stipulations on wage garnishment) – p. 9.
  • Section on which states allow debt collectors to use an alias, and how that information needs to be recorded. – p. 14
  • If you're not taking advantage of this resource, you're putting your agency at risk!
  • You'll Learn:
  • How FCRA applies to different parts of the debt lifecycle
  • How to leave voicemails that won't get you sued
  • What the future holds for e-OSCAR, credit repair companies and more

Covered in this edition of To the Point:

  • Are consumer complaints and disputes going to become more challenging as the collection industry moves forward? 
  • If agencies and debt buyers can’t delete paid accounts from credit bureau reporting, does this also apply to settled accounts? 
  • What are the mini-Miranda requirements surrounding disclosure and client identification? 
  • What is a reasonable timeline for communicating with attorneys and/or the consumer directly? 
  • And much more!

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To the Point: Telephony and Voicemail Messages (Updated for 2014)

To the Point: Telephony and Voicemail Messages (Updated for 2014)

From the popular Ask the Attorney webinar series produced by us here at, we've culled the pressing questions and the expert answers into mini-briefs, perfect for when you only need the latest legal thinking on a specific topic. We'll get you up to speed on the following: What is the impact of the recent Meyer v. PRA appeal as it relates to manual dialing of cell numbers? Should first-party collections' departments also have measurements for abandoned call rates? Are there any new changes for auto dialers and cell phones? Can a message for a consumer be left with a live third party? When should the mini-Miranda be used? Should it be used on a dialer call? And if it’s used on the dialer call, how is that not third-party disclosure? Can you leave a message on an attorney’s voicemail?

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