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Laurie NelsonLaurie Nelson, PaymentVision: Laurie is responsible for leading the internal processes for promoting and ensuring PaymentVision’s compliance with laws, regulations, company policies and agreements, compliance risk management, mitigation, and recovery efforts, and internal reporting programs. Laurie joined PaymentVision in 2014 as General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer. Laurie holds a Juris Doctorate from Florida Coastal School of Law and Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance and Corporate Investments from East Tennessee State University.

Simon Sandoval-MoshenbergSimon Sandoval-Moshenberg, Legal Aid Justice Center: Simon Y. Sandoval-Moshenberg is the director of the Immigrant Advocacy Program at the Legal Aid Justice Center in Virginia, where he specializes in consumer, housing, employment, and civil rights litigation in federal and state court. Sandoval-Moshenberg is also the Legal Aid Justice Center’s team leader for consumer law, and was awarded the 2013 LASSY award from the Virginia Poverty Law Center for greatest achievement in consumer law. He has sued debt collectors and debt buyers on behalf of low-income immigrant consumers in dozens of individual and class actions. Sandoval-Moshenberg was named a SuperLawyers Rising Star in consumer law in 2015 and 2016. He is a graduate of Columbia University and Yale Law School, where he was awarded the C. LaRue Munson prize for excellence in clinical practice.


This presentation focuses on convenience fees, surcharges, and the grey area collection agencies often find themselves in with regards to both. Laurie Nelson of PaymentVision represents the debt industry’s point of view; and Simon Sandoval-Moshenberg shares his consumer attorney perspective.

ARM-U Spring 2016: Understanding Convenience Fees Thumbnail

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