Kaulkin Ginsberg’s 2015 Utilities Market Intelligence Series Executive Summary Thumbnail

This three-part market intelligence series provides accounts receivable management business owners with an in-depth analysis of the utilities industry. This is a highly-regulated market with a tremendous level of regional fragmentation, but it presents excellent opportunities for ARM companies. Market fragmentation combined with the sheer volume of customers makes this a great market for first- and third-party collections, collection litigation, and client relationship management services.

Our analysis will first introduce and define the size of the market, explore its many segments, and detail some of the current M&A events that are shaping the industry. Next, it will consider the impact regulatory bodies, utility market drivers, and economic factors have on customers and, in turn, ARM companies. Finally, we will provide a case study of the 15 largest U.S. utility companies and our insight into market trends.

This market intelligence series is a product of Kaulkin Ginsberg’s information service, KG Prime. To inquire about KG Prime, please email hq@kaulkin.com.