Whitepaper: Lessons for the ARM Industry from the Mortgage Meltdown

Our society’s attitude towards consumer financial products has fundamentally changed since the mortgage meltdown. A key component of this change is a role for the federal government to actively regulate industries where it feels consumers can be easily harmed. While it may not have appeared to the ARM industry that it was being ignored by the regulators, other industries may have actually received more attention. Looking at the mortgage industry’s travails may help the ARM industry to avoid some of the pitfalls.

This whitepaper, from Baker Tilly, examines five important lessons players in the ARM industry can take from the mistakes made by others.

The Five Takeaways:

  • Treat Your Regulator as You Would an Important Customer
  • Avoid Customer Harm — Both in Fact and Appearance
  • Make Your Internal Compliance Program “Ready for the External Spotlight”
  • Plan for Rapid Technology Obsolescence
  • Install “Circuit Breakers”

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