Seven Crucial Compliance Conversations for Every Hospital CFO

With alarming frequency, patient complaints are making their way up the chain through both for-profit and nonprofit hospitals – all with the support, and in some instances, encouragement, of the Federal government.

Hospitals and their service providers are under the mistaken assumption their operations are flying below the CFPB’s radar. Unfortunately, nothing can be further from the truth.

This ebook, from Ontario Systems is intended to shed light on seven major events or changes taking place in the healthcare receivables marketplace and foster conversations from the board room to the patient financial services department about the impact these changes will have on your day-to-day processes, compliance protocols, tax status (as applicable) and reputation in the community.

The Seven Conversations:

  • “Have any of our patients filed complaints against us on the CFPB’s new complaint portal? Has anyone responded?”
  • “Do we credit report? If so, should we stop?”
  • “How long do we wait before we report medical debt to credit reporting agencies? Is it at least 180 days?”
  • “Who is working with our EBOs and thirdparty collection agencies to calculate the FAP application period and identify the approved extraordinary collection activities? Are we out of compliance as we speak?”
  • “Who are our service providers and who is managing their compliance with consumer financial laws?”
  • “Do we use an automatic telephone dialing system (ATDS) and how are we capturing consent to call our patients on their cell phones or communicate via text?”
  • “Does our software provider understand our compliance needs and how does it address them?”

Download the full guide from Ontario Systems today to learn the best way to structure each of the seven conversations for the best results for your organization.