Successful Debt Collection for Government Agencies Thumbnail

When it comes to debt collection, government agencies face unique challenges that collection organizations outside of the public sector don’t.  Shifting mandates, agency consolidation, public and media scrutiny, small budgets and internal staffs and the declining effectiveness of traditional collection methods all create an environment that makes innovation and success difficult.

This white paper describes an end-to-end process for debt collection improvement in government, which can not only increase collection revenues, but also significantly improve constituent services. The process begins before delinquency has been established and includes:

  • Gaining a deep understanding of the risks and opportunities in your current collection process
  • Developing strategies to segment and process accounts and constituents using current, accurate data
  • The use of “smart automation”
  • How to embed strategies to identify fraud, waste and abuse in your collection process
Whether you’re looking at basic strategies to improve collection performance or a new and transformational approach to debt collection, this white paper provides guidance and case studies that will help you get started.