Contract Callers, Inc. (CCI), a leading provider of first and third party call center and utility field solutions, today announced its Business Affiliate membership in the Telecommunications Risk Management Association (TRMA). TRMA, founded in 1997, includes members from telecom, wireless, cable, satellite and energy companies in the US and Canada. Membership in this organization accentuates CCI’s continued focus on providing capabilities that improve credit strategies, collection recovery rates, and regulatory satisfaction while dramatically optimizing operating costs for national issuers of credit.

“TRMA is pleased to have Contract Callers as one of its newest Business Affiliate members and looks forward to working with them in the years to come.” said Bridget Carson, Fraud Management and Credit Operations Director, of Sprint and TRMA’s President.

Commenting on acceptance as a member, Vice President of Sales, Andrew Cope said, “We are so happy to have been accepted to join such a recognized association. We consider this group to be the vanguard of discovering new processes, technologies, and regulatory compliance measures with relation to how the vast majority of Americans deal with credit and customer service issues. By CCI’s membership the TRMA has gained a relationship that strengthens their position in the energy and natural gas industry vertical which has a very close alignment to the members of TRMA. Contract Callers is very excited at being a part of this powerful group of professionals”

Effect of CCI on TRMA members

CCI’s capabilities will assist TRMA voting members in optimizing active first party credit and collection call center functions right though their respective credit cycles to our industry leading late stage collection program, RADAR.  CCI improves and continually optimizes overall performance levels and executes rapid speed-to-market campaigns for ad hoc projects via our CCI created analytical engine, Triumph. Like the many regulated and deregulated utility companies leveraging CCI’s different services, TRMA members will now see a different set of processes and products to increase and continually optimize their short-term and long-term collection effectiveness.

Cope added, “TRMA members have always been uniquely tested to continually optimize collections while expanding customer service expectations. More recently, this challenge has been intensified by a changing regulatory environment, tightening budgets, and the constant demand of even greater customer service. Contract Callers has worked with corporations of all sizes to succeed quickly in ever changing environments. We are excited to share what we’ve accomplished with our existing relationships and learn about how we can do even more.”

Contract Callers, Inc. (CCI) was originally established in 1926 as a collection agency. This makes CCI one of the oldest Accounts Receivable Management operations in the world. As the market changed and developed, so did CCI. We have expanded our expertise to include Collections, Field Service Projects and Call Center programs. For more information, visit

The Telecommunications Risk Management Association (TRMA) is an industry forum for telecommunications risk management professionals to cooperate, understand, and share best practices related to accounts receivables.  Founded in 1997, TRMA includes members from telecom, wireless, cable, satellite and energy companies in the Unites States and Canada.  For more information, visit

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