A leading provider of medical transportation services has halved payment processing time, enabling customers to process payments in real-time while remaining HIPAA compliant. The company was able to reduce check payment processing time by two days after implementing BillingTree’s payment solutions. Through automation, funds could now be transferred in real-time, considerably reducing Days Sales Outstanding.

The electronic billing solution from BillingTree has enabled a leading provider of medical transportation services to automatically process transactions through one central system, which not only increases visibility over accounts and transactions, but also helps eliminate many of the costly and lengthy processes plaguing healthcare sector organizations. 

"As a department of less than 50 people dealing with millions of dollars of collections every month, we needed a system that could significantly streamline the whole process, without compromising security or accuracy," said the Accounts Receivable Manager of a leading ambulance service provider. "We also liked the partnership approach that BillingTree brought to the table, from the outset they understood our business requirements and configured the technology to suit our needs. What would have taken weeks to set up with other vendors took only days with BillingTree. BillingTree provided us with technology that integrated with our existing systems – not requiring us to ‘rip and replace’ any infrastructure. We have not only managed to significantly cut down on payment processing times and DSO, but now we also have a system that produces clearer, more detailed reports, increasing our visibility of operations across the entire enterprise."

Scott McCollum, President, BillingTree, noted, "The healthcare sector can benefit greatly from automated billing and payment processing, as shown by this case study. Manual and paper-based processes are time consuming and labor intensive. Significant business benefits can be gained by switching to e-billing and payment solutions, critical to all organizations looking to cut costs and increase efficiency."

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