In our "new" normal of virtual communication and countless Zoom meetings, a lot of people struggle with being the best and most authentic version of themselves. In this 30 minute session, Executive Media Coach and Emmy winner, Katy Temple, arms you with tangible takeaways that will immediately make you better "on camera."

insideARM's Amy Perkins and Katy Temple look at 5 tips that will help you look your best, and get your message across effectively. They look at:

1) First Impressions: "A lot of people have said, well, I think people will understand [the mess, the clutter] because everyone's going through so many things, and we understand that on one level. But the other part about that is: this is the new normal, and it could last forever for a lot of businesses."

2) The Camera is Your Friend: No, really. "Think about it as somebody who loves you, who wants to see you succeed, who is the vessel to get your message out and your passion out."

3) Energy: "The reality about a camera and energy is that it sucks the energy out of you. And that's real. I mean, part of this challenge is that we're trying to get used to the way that the camera is picking us up. Not maybe necessarily how we really feel that we are. And so that's kind of a new skill that you want to excel at."

4) Body Language: "When I'm talking about the studio or the messaging or the energy it's got to merge with who you are; authenticity is key to body language."

5) Class Participation: "Practice, be prepared and know what you want to say so that you're ready to go when the camera's on you. And it's just another reminder to not forget to prepare, especially when we're all just challenged, communicating and being engaged virtually right now."

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