Rockville, Md. -- This year's Women in Consumer & Commercial Finance conference -- our third -- continued building on the successes from previous years, this time in an entirely virtual environment.

Global pandemic notwithstanding, this year's event hosted more than 600 women from across the financial services industry, and from a variety of roles, all with the goal of empowerment, networking, community, and deep conversation.

"I can't emphasize how much of a labor of love this conference is, and how meaningful it is to me," said Amy Perkins, president of insideARM and WCCF Chair. "I owe everyone -- from the insideARM staff, to our steering committee, to the women who brought so much light and insight, to the sponsors who saw value in our endeavor -- so much praise and gratitude. We were worried at first that we wouldn't be able to capture the magic of that first year. It turns out, I didn't need to worry."

Playback for the sessions at this year's WCCF conference can be found here.

"It was absolutely a labor of love," said Stephanie Eidelman, CEO of insideARM and WCCF Chair. "One of our missions at insideARM is to provide everyone we interact with one of the best professional experiences of their lives. And the overwhelmingly positive feedback we've received shows us that we hit that out of the park."

Next year's WCCF conference will be both a live and virtual event, from December 6-8, 2021, in Scottsdale, Arizona, and at your desk! Get on our mailing list for updates about speakers, panels, and other WCCF info.

Our sponsors were integral to the success of the conference.

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