The telecommunications sector is one of the most robust and growing segments of the ARM industry. As more consumers add additional phone lines through more expensive mobile adoption, and telecom companies bundle services like cable and Internet access, telecom balances are growing even as volumes steadily increase.

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CFPB Releases Debt Collection Complaints Data, and Here It Is

6 November 2013

Stellar Recovery Inc. Joins the Telecommunications Risk Management Association

30 October 2013

GC Services Adding Jobs at Large Call Center

26 July 2013

Integrity Solution Services Preparing for Downsizing or Closure of Cape Girardeau Facility

12 July 2013

LiveVox Joins the Telecommunications Risk Management Association

10 July 2013

A Fake Debt Collector Story with an Odd Twist

22 April 2013

National Enterprise Systems Earns Top Rating from Better Business Bureau

16 April 2013

Appeals Court Sides with Debt Collector in Old FDCPA Case; Too Old, in Fact

10 April 2013

CFPB Releases ALL the Consumer Complaint Data

29 March 2013

Leaders from Verizon Join LiveVox on a Panel at NCCR 2013

11 March 2013

CFPB Spells Out Debt Collection Industry Larger Market Participants

24 October 2012

Asset Class Diversification is Actually Working for some in the ARM Industry

10 October 2012

Getting Ready for 2013 - Asset Class Diversification

1 October 2012

Inexpensive Marketing & Reputation Protection Tips for Your Collection Agency

23 August 2012

Telecom Collection Specialist DCI Opens West Coast Office, Certified as Woman-Owned Business

16 July 2012

GFKL Group Acquires European Telecom Collector

2 July 2012

Rogue Debt Collectors Go Above and Beyond for Vodafone, With Expected Bad Results

2 May 2012

Latitude Software Suite Deployed by Cogeco to Improve Debt Collection Operations

20 December 2011

iQor Wins Eight Year Contract with Capita for the Collection of BBC TV Licensing Fee Arrears

5 December 2011

CreditWatch Announces Contract Renewal with Major Client

18 November 2011