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Includes Video Presentation

Almost all collectors have a story like this: a consumer, armed with tips and tricks from an Internet message board, baits the collector into a violation. Maybe the consumer caused the collector to forget to give a mini-Miranda. Maybe the consumer confused the collector into the wrong disclosures.

To the Point: Call Baiting synthesizes all the information from our insideCompliance call-baiting webinar. On its own, or used as a study guide with the webinar recording (included with your purchase), this is a valuable tool in your compliance arsenal.

(Want to get this and other reports for free? Membership in the Compliance Professionals Forum gets you not only paid reports, overviews, checklists and scripts, but webinars and in-person facilitated meetings with your peers -- for free.)

This report contains:

  • Tips, best practices, and pitfalls to be aware of, in an easy to consume format.
  • A link to download the webinar for on-demand viewing.
  • A copy of the slide deck.
  • The full transcript.
  • A certificate of completion
  • Author: The Compliance Professionals Forum

Length: 57 pages

Table of Contents 

About the Experts

An Enhanced Training Tool


Call Baiting: Recognizing the Threat

Common Terms and Phrases

Recognizing Patterns

Phone Call Pitfalls: Consumer Identification

Phone Call Pitfalls: Attorney Representation

Phone Call Pitfalls: Cease & Desist Traps

Phone Call Pitfalls: Bankruptcy

Phone Call Pitfalls: Call Recording

Phone Call Pitfalls: And Another Thing…

Key Prevention Phrases

From the Trenches: Industry Call-Baiting Horror Stories


Preserve all the Records

Consider an Offer of Judgment

Learn from It

Q & A from the Webinar

QUESTION: From a bankruptcy standpoint, what type of call baiting are you familiar with?

QUESTION: We’ve had consumers tell us that they are filing for bankruptcy with an attorney. They request a statement so they can give it to their attorney. What should we do?

QUESTION: Is there an increase in TCPA suits in regards to call baiting?

QUESTION: Third party calls in to pay balance in full and is not authorized on the account. Would taking this payment be considered a call baiting violation, or just a violation in general?

Appendix A: Transcript

Appendix B: Slide Deck