GERMANTOWN, Md. – Kaulkin Ginsberg Company (KGC), in conjunction with its sister company Topline Valuation Group (TVG), announces the release of Strategic Valuation Assessment (SVA), which provides accounts receivable management (ARM) company owners with an in-depth assessment of their company’s strategic opportunities and enterprise value.

SVAs provide owners with an understanding of value relative to transaction structures and current market conditions, and, unlike formal valuations, is a more strategic tool, used to aid in business discussions and planning. By comparison, formal valuations are more objective and specific in their determination of value since they need to abide by strict guidelines put in place under IRS revenue ruling 59-60, while SVAs are tailored to the unique needs and long-term growth objectives of the business. Because our SVA product will not be executed by a CPA or CVA (even though they will be working on it) the liability requirements are lowered allowing them to provide a more cost-effective solution to ARM company owners.

Mike Ginsberg, President and CEO of KGC stated that, “SVAs are better suited for long-term strategic relationships such as boardroom advisory work, especially among lower middle market companies, since they usually align with the benefits of formal valuations, but eliminate cumbersome guidelines that limit the analyst’s insights and discussions about the business. Our SVA product is not intended to replace formal valuations which our TVG team of experts will continue to perform.”

If you are planning to grow or sell your business over the next few years, or want to understand the value of your enterprise to compensate executives or set budgets, then requesting a SVA could be one of the most valuable strategic decisions you make. To schedule a confidential call to discuss your interests, contact or visit TVG’s website.

About Kaulkin Ginsberg Company

Since 1991, Kaulkin Ginsberg Company has provided critical strategic advice to the outsourced business services industry. Our client-centric approach covers almost every stage of a company’s life cycle and enables us to maintain longstanding relationships as trusted advisors. We provide mergers and acquisition advisory, strategic consulting, valuation and financial solutions, market intelligence and analysis, as well as litigation support and expert witness.

About Topline Valuation Group

Topline Valuation Group was co-founded by Kaulkin Ginsberg Company and Santos, Postal & Company, P.C. Our team consists of certified valuation professionals, businessmen and women, M&A specialists and CPAs with more than 125 years of combined experience serving middle-market companies and their owners. Topline Valuation Group provides owners and executives with technical, financial, and strategic advice designed to improve decisions and the corporate, operational, and ownership levels.

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