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New York DFS Tables Latest Version of Its Proposed Debt Collection Rule

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The Two New Yorks and Their Proposed Debt Collection Rules

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A Look Back at 2022 in Consumer Credit and Collections Case Law and Federal and State Regulation

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NY Federal Court Blocks Retroactive Judgment Interest Law

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2020 In Review: Federal and State Activity in Consumer Debt Collection Regulation

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Consumer Data Rulemaking Underway at CFPB: Here Are Four Things Your Company Should Know

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Joint Industry Letter to NYCDCA Seeks Extension, Poses 25 FAQs

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Seven Things to Know About New York City’s New Debt Collection Rules

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Washington State Enacts Legislation Targeting Consumer Debt Purchasers

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COVID-19: Several States Toll Statutes of Limitations on Legal Actions

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Supreme Court: FDCPA Claims Run from Date of Violation, Not from Date of Discovery

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7th Cir. Holds Creditor Liable for Its Counsel’s Bankruptcy Discharge Violation

U.S. Supreme Court Holds Debt Purchaser Collecting Its Own Debt Is Not Subject to FDCPA

7th Cir. Deepens Split on FDCPA Liability for ‘Time-Barred’ Claims

How Spokeo May Limit Consumer Financial Services Litigation

Could Spokeo Mean Rough Road Ahead for FCRA, TCPA, FDCPA Plaintiffs?

QR Codes Mean FDCPA Trouble Says PA Federal Court

Eleventh Circuit’s Mistaken Interpretation Likely to Expose Attorneys to Increased FDCPA Liability

Senate Bill Proposes to Make Robocalls a Federal Crime

TCPA Rulings Expected to Have Substantial Impact on Financial Services Industry