The following solutions are specifically tailored to assist accounts receivable management organizations with challenges presented by the current crisis. 


Using machine learning to refine your models based on real-time data

ATTUNELY (Innovation Council member)

  • Due to the COVID-19 crisis, optimizing who, when, and how to contact consumers has never been more critical. Attunely’s suite of machine learning (ML) models allow operators to do more with less by offering a prescriptive tool to identify the optimal outreach strategy for every account.
  • Attunely’s dynamic ML scoring models “learn” in real-time. COVID-19’s evolving economic conditions and recent behavioral interactions influence Attunely’s models; therefore, scores can help operators prioritize accounts more effectively, especially in changing environments.       
  • At a time when IT resources are limited, agencies can easily export their historical interaction data in whichever format they prefer.  Attunely will ingest the data into dedicated, isolated, and secure Attunely cloud-based containers to build a customized ML model trained to achieve specific KPI’s (liquidation value, omni-channel outreach, agent productivity, etc.). 
  • Attunely provides performance analytics to enable the operator to quickly modify its call-sloping strategies based on fluctuating and available (remote) agent resources. 
  • Attunely is open to lowering the cost of entry throughout the COVID-19 crisis and/or shelter-in-place condition in effort to support the industry through this hardship. 

PAIRITY (Innovation Council member)

  • Pairity can offer data analytics by clustering accounts based on the impact of covid-19 to help quantify impact and create appropriate strategies (i.e. segment accounts by generation, likely job class pertaining to impact of layoffs, locations by number of confirmed cases). 
  • We’ve infused our data with daily covid-19 updates for around the country. 


Work-at-Home Solutions

DIAL CONNECTION (Innovation Council member)

  • We were able to move all clients that requested a work-at-home model for both their PBX and Contact Center teams last week. We are 100% staffed to support clients through the changes. 

THE INTELITECH GROUP (Innovation Council member)

  • To show our appreciation to the industry that has been so good to us for all these years we are offering our collector training and compliance tool for your entire organization to use during the COVID-19 Pandemic. We know many of you, like us, are working from home.  Our StackUp tool will not only give you the ability to provide customizable training – it is also a great opportunity to connect with your collectors who are working remotely to get the latest compliance and training in their hands in a format that is fun and engaging. For additional information and to begin setting up your unique environment please visit

KATABAT (Innovation Council member)

  • The Katabat Agent Desktop is accessed via a URL.  It has never been beholden to a specific location or device.  It can be accessed from anywhere in the world using phone, tablet, laptop, desktop.  Note our Agent Desktop is not mobile optimized, so while it can be accessed via any device, using any web-browser, it’s recommended to use a tablet or larger sized screen.
  • No limitations on functionality à Queues, manual searches, dialer screen pop (agnostic to dialer), manual click-to-dial, dispositions, payments/promises/programs, demographics, activity history, personalized messaging, specialized business process automation. . .
  • For use as a “remote desktop”: Quick deployment time, would “sit on top” of your existing desktop (agnostic to existing tool, FACS/CUBS/Latitude/DAKCS…). 
  • Allows any level of user (controlled via standard access levels) to perform their job as if they were sitting in the same building.
  • PCI/SOC Type 2.0 certified.  Agency’s choice to require (or not require) remote access to first connect to a network VPN prior to being allowed access.
  • We’ve also added functionality just in the past week to mask NPPI on the agent screen so that the agent cannot see critical info while working from home (the dreaded idea of taking photos of NPPI on the desktop……. Call centers do not allow cameras on the floor so as to prevent this)

LIVEVOX (Innovation Council member)

  • Work from home agents can use LiveVox Voice capabilities either with or without VPN access to the system(s) of record.  
    • For agents with VPN access they can function as if they were in the call center.  
    • For agents without VPN access we have developed a Rapid Deployment Model so at home agents can be operational even if they will not have access to the System of Record. Your agents can work from home in the capacity that matches your level of comfort. We are helping customers update their configurations so that Agents can be presented screen pops to handle conversations without sacrificing customer security and update their workflows so that relevant calls can be routed to their qualified, skilled agents in contact centers from at home agents.
    • Our customers are using LiveVox for secure payment capture at home. 
  • LiveVox can also provide you the digital messaging tools needed to facilitate compliance-minded digital conversations over Email, Chat, and SMS as well.  
  • LiveVox enhances agent productivity by offering a suite of Workforce Optimization capabilities including Call & Screen Recording, eLearning Training Modules, CSAT communications, and configurable Business Intelligence dashboards.  These capabilities help contact center leaders not only understand the state of their business so that action can be taken when necessary but also further maximize agent compliance. 
  • Lastly, LiveVox customers can use our Ticketing tools to optimize connectivity between agents and teams. Key information is transmitted between internal parties to ensure quick resolution while managers are given tools to monitor and measure these hand-offs & resolutions.

PDC Flow (Innovation Council member)

  • Remote staff can use PDCflow’s FLOW Technology to send the payment requests and/or eSignature requests to the consumer they are on the phone with.
  • Agents can use FLOW technology in conjunction with a chat application to send the payment request and/or eSignature request to the consumer and have a written recorded conversation with the consumer. And/or: Agents can use FLOW technology in conjunction with a cloud-based phone system to allow remote staff to use company phone lines which are still regulated, monitored and governed according to company policies.
  • Both solutions: FLOW technology can not only reduce risk in the office setting but can make the home environment as safe or more so than the office setting. More info. about these solutions.

TCN (Innovation Council member)

TECH LOCK Inc. (Innovation Council member)

  • Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the security and compliance implications of rapid changes and work at home (WAH), cannot go unaddressed for any extended period of time.
  • TECH LOCK, a leader in providing managed security and compliance to the ARM industry, is providing right-sized solutions for those who need to optimize for their current situation and understand their risk.
  • We are providing remote cybersecurity assessments to identify any exposure gaps that may have inadvertently occurred uncovering how an attacker might view your organization and take advantage.
  • Our focus for compliance is making sure you have the right information and creating the most effective way to obtain adherence to your compliance obligations, even during fluctuating changes.
  • Through this situation TECH LOCK continues to be an educational and consultative partner in supporting the industry.
    • Join our ‘Ask Me Anything’ sessions to engage with our experts about security and compliance and get your questions answered quickly.
    • Contact for a remote security scan of your organization at no charge. Discuss the finding with our security experts and see how we can help ensure the protection of your business.
    • Visit our resources page and keep informed with the latest information.


Solutions for improving the consumer experience

REVENLY (Innovation Council member)

  • AWS and Twilio are offering tons of stuff for remote work - we can set that up for companies who have no experience with cloud-based infrastructure. This also includes interoffice tools (i.e. Slack, etc) and other collaboration tools. 
  • I can see many having issues with right now with things like fielding questions generated online or allowing for different configurations in payments. We had a client recently go from not allowing any scheduled one-time payments to opening up a 90-day window to allow people to schedule payments. 
  • For those who need immediate improvement in their consumer-facing websites, we are equipped to address this quickly.
  • Online ticket center/help desks are almost non-existent. We can help to quickly deploy such a system. These allow for a place to track communications so emails aren't going unmonitored. Even before the crisis, we noticed that was a growing issue. 
  • Chat options are easy to implement also and are almost non-existent. Most chat can be automated to just receive messages, you don't need people responding. Sometimes its easier for someone to leave a chat message inquiry than go find a contact page. Those can go right into a ticket center.


Resources you can provide to consumers

TRANSUNION (Innovation Council member)



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