LiveVox Inc., a leading provider of cloud contact center solutions for enterprise operations, announced it will join industry legal, operations and consultant experts Tuesday, March 11th at 11am PT at the Telecommunications Risk Management Association (TRMA) Spring Conference in Las Vegas to discuss regulatory pressures impacting agency management, traditional challenges, and how cloud is offering creditors a simple and cost-effective path to address both.

“Agency management can be like attempting to fit different puzzle pieces into your changing model – it takes a lot of time and resources to not only interpret what the pieces are, then determine what the best fitting piece is, and finally, attempt to communicate how you want those pieces to perform moving forward,” says Derrick Willman, Senior Partner, Labrynth, Inc.  “Add regulatory pressures such as auditing and you compound the challenge. I’ve spent almost 20 years working closely with some of the most well-known telecom creditors to help build and improve their agency management processes, and I can tell you first hand that agency management has become more, not less, difficult. Because of that, you find creditors seeking new solutions like cloud.”

About the event:

  • PANEL: Simplifying Agency Management and Compliance with Cloud 

Agency management has always been a difficult process. The tightening regulatory environment has added another layer of complexity and responsibility as creditors and the agencies they employ face increasing compliance pressures. To effectively manage their exposure (direct & indirect), creditors must have full control and insight over all their agencies. Achieving this has rarely been accomplished due to the handicapping limitations and costs of traditional technology. Cloud is providing creditors with another option to optimize agency management and compliance – one that is significantly more simplified, cost-effective, and efficient.

  • Date/Time: Wednesday, March 11th @ 11:00am PDT

Dusty Whitesell, Chief Evangelist, LiveVox, adds, “The concept of a more simplified agency management infrastructure is not a new one. However, the costs of getting it done and just how to get there is where the discussion gets interesting. In essence, to achieve a more simplified agency network, creditors must obtain standardization across all agencies which includes the need for simultaneous oversight and separation. Which of course is incredibly difficult and why agency simplification is so challenging. Cloud is such an intriguing approach because it offers creditors a cost-effective path to obtain both.”

LiveVox is a leading provider of cloud contact center solutions for enterprise operations.  Through a patented PCI-certified cloud platform and redundant IP/MPLS mesh, it delivers true multi-tenant highly scalable and burstable contact center solutions such as ACD, predictive dialer, IVR, centralized call recording, business analytics and compliance suite. LiveVox enables fast deployment of contact center solutions from the cloud, while offering customers full control to manage their day-to-day business requirements in a cost efficient way. For more information, visit,

The Telecommunications Risk Management Association (TRMA) is an industry forum for telecommunications risk management professionals to cooperate, understand, and share best practices related to accounts receivables.  Founded in 1997, TRMA includes members from telecom, wireless, cable, satellite and energy companies in the Unites States and Canada.  For more information, visit

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