Visitors to today will experience a fresh, sleek design, and the same comprehensive and reliable information users have come to expect from the most trusted industry news site. 

Thanks to Herculean efforts by Jeffrey Hearn, Web Developer at insideARM, the new site was launched this morning, 27 September, and we've already received positive feedback about the changes. “Very nice,"  one reader wrote. "I went there today and thought – Am I in the same place?  Is this the same company? Looks very good!  Clean and well organized.”

What You Can Expect

  • Improved Site Search - We're working to make searching our archives easier, with the ability to isolate a date range you're interested in and also provide editor-curated results for the most-popular search terms (in the near future).
  • More Cohesive Look and Feel - We've used a popular user interface toolkit so that buttons, links, and text are easier to see and interact with. This also means that articles will look great in print or on your phone.
  • Speed - No one wants to wait around for pages to load, so we made performance a priority. Now our most-viewed content will load instantly.
  • New Branding - You may have seen our new logo crop up on webinars or in our downloadable products, but now we have a fresh new logo to go with our new website.
  • A More-Capable Platform - We've had many ideas for new types of content to bring our audience, but haven't had a platform to realize them on -- until now. Stay tuned for more features in the coming months.

We've also made improvements to our FDCPA and TCPA resources pages so that they are now easily printable, with formatting that looks great on paper or on the screen.

We'd love to hear from all of our readers about what they think of the revamped insideARM -- what is working for you, and what is tripping you up. You can email all of us at

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