DOVER, Del. --  Account Control Technology, Inc. (ACTH), one of the nation’s leading debt recovery, ARM and business process outsourcing companies, announced on June 4, 2021 the completion of their sale to Transworld Systems Inc. (TSI). Following the sale, TSI further cements the company’s position as the largest U.S. technology-enabled provider of accounts receivable management (ARM) solutions in the United States.

Established in 1990 by Dale Van Dellen and his wife, Deborah, their focus was to serve the student and campus-based loans market. Together, they grew the business into a highly successful organization, acquiring Convergent Resources Holdings, LLC in 2014 and expanding their business solutions portfolio. Now providing opportunities to over 4500 employees across the globe, ACTH has become a leading provider of business management and financial services for the higher education, government, healthcare, consumer, and commercial markets. 

ACTH owner, Dale Van Dellen expresses, “Thank you to our awesome staff for their dedication and their loyalty throughout the years. I would also like to thank our clients for their trust in us with their business. It was a long road with a few bumps along the way. You have left me with great memories.”

About Account Control Technology Holdings, Inc. (ACT Holdings)

Account Control Technology Holdings, Inc. provides comprehensive business process outsourcing and financial services to diverse industries. Our companies partner with clients to help them run the “business” behind their operations so they can focus on what they do best – whether it’s serving customers, educating students, caring for patients, or keeping communities moving forward. ACT Holdings companies include Convergent Outsourcing, Inc., Convergent Revenue Cycle Management, Inc., Convergent Healthcare Recoveries, Inc. and Account Control Technology, Inc. with locations across the US, nearshore, and offshore. For more information, visit

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