SANTA ROSA, Calif. -- is a new, free, crowdsourced database of Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) litigators compiled from demand letters submitted by industry users. is offering free access to check phone numbers against the database in exchange for signing up. Marketers can sign up at, submit their demand letters and lawsuits to the crowdsourced litigator list, help contribute to an industry-wide resource to eliminate predatory litigators from the marketing ecosystem, and receive free access to check their calling lists against the database. 

“The abusive act of predatory litigation presents a significant challenge even for those that make every effort to manage their compliance properly,” said Ron Allen, creator of He continues, “Many repeat litigators find ways to intentionally ‘trick’ legitimate entities into making a call that is a violation and then prey upon the company by demanding money, under threat of a class action suit. Further, we often find that no call was ever placed, and the demand is simply sent to many entities in an effort to get money from companies that do not reject the demands out of fear. is a way for the contact center industry to cooperatively work together and fight back. I have spent over 30 years in this industry and believe strongly in helping protect it.”

Predatory TCPA litigators are a threat to all legitimate telemarketers. While multiple compliance providers—including Contact Center Compliance, the business behind—offer litigator scrub lists based on court filings, not every TCPA plaintiff and litigator shows up in those filings. Sometimes, litigators simply send demand letters, hoping for a settlement, without ever pursuing the sorts of legal action that shows up in court record databases. These demand letters fall through the cracks of the existing systems for cataloging dangerous TCPA litigators. But allows call centers and defense lawyers the opportunity to build a better database that includes the litigators and plaintiffs who merely send demand letters.

Call center-related businesses and law firms are allowed to register for free. Access to the free list-scrubbing is given as soon as the registrant’s information is verified. For more information about this database, visit and for additional information about and services for TCPA compliance, visit

Stop Litigators & Contact Center Compliance is a crowdsourced database of predatory TCPA litigators. Call centers can utilize this database to eliminate those litigators from their data. It is a new endeavor from Contact Center Compliance, one of the industry leaders in TCPA and DNC compliance solutions for more than 20 years. 

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