TAMPA, Fla. -- OneTouch Direct, a global business process outsourcing company, today announced the formation of its newest company subsidiary, OTD Americas and the launch of state-of-the-art centers in Bogota (3 sites), Colombia, with ready available sites in Mexico City (3 sites) and added options for Eastern Europe and Asia.

OneTouch Direct with OTD Americas is focused on extending its suite of services for full account management for every phase of the account lifecycle. OTD Americas has invested in recruiting senior level industry leaders recognized for top tier partnership management, best in class performance delivery and quality service. These leaders have a long career history of working together successfully and providing unique contact services, collections, customer service (AML, loyalty retention, reactivation, education) programs for world recognized brands.

OTD Americas offers integrated omni-channel customer engagement solutions for care, customer service, collections, customer retention, back-office support and specialty program solutions designed to drive exceptional customer interactions and enhance our clients’ brands in US managed state of the art centers across Latin America. Focused on facilitating our clients’ low cost, high value strategic growth initiatives, OTD Americas partners with global brands to provide scalable, data-driven solutions across the full customer account lifecycle. 

“OTD Americas creates a significant global footprint with multiple operation and data center sites throughout the US, Colombia, Mexico, Asia, and Eastern Europe,” said Chris Reed, EVP of OneTouch Direct, “which complements our corporate strategy to provide multi delivery quality solutions for our client partners and their customers.” 

As an established contact center market, Bogota, Colombia, has excellent infrastructure, technology, utilities, and telephony combined with strong cultural and economic ties to the United States. Bogota offers a convenient, travel safe location with a highly skilled workforce, cost advantages, and proximity to the United States. In Bogota, OTD Americas’ state-of-the-art contact centers are strategically located in central business districts, university towns, and technical or commercial hubs with high-caliber candidates and convenient to public transportation, public services, retail stores ensuring workforce stability and low attrition rates.

With the formation of OTD Americas, we offer a choice of multiple state of the art facilities with a world class agent workplace supporting over 8,000 employees including a bilingual, US bicultural contact center featuring a robust personal development program including paid English language classroom program, hair and nail salon, indoor sports field, and 24-hour health care with doctor onsite among other employee focused amenities. With leading edge data and telephony technology using US-based co-lo centers, OTD Americas ensures high levels of security and strict compliance with industry standards.

About OTD Americas

OTD Americas, the nearshore subsidiary arm for OneTouch Direct, provides full service contact solutions from state of the art centers in Colombia, Mexico, Asia, and Eastern Europe with the ability to build to suit upon client demand. As a contact center outsourcing company, OTD Americas offers integrated omni-channel customer engagement for customer service, collections, back office support, and custom technology solutions designed to drive exceptional customer interactions and enhance our clients’ brands. Partnering with leading global brands representing clients in Banking and Financial Services, Consumer Auto, FinTech, Healthcare, Insurance, Media, Retail and e-commerce, Technology, Telecom, and Utilities industries, OTD Americas is focused on facilitating our clients’ strategic growth with Class A workplace, leveraging exceptional employee attrition rates, and ensuring brand protection in a competitive unique cost benefit structure. Our global delivery model offers flexible onshore, nearshore, offshore, and WAHA service options spanning the US, Mexico, Colombia, Asia, and Eastern Europe. 

About OneTouch Direct

OneTouch Direct, parent company for OTD Americas, is a US based business process outsourcing company delivering best-in-class customer experiences (CX) for some of the world’s largest and most loved brands. Rooted in our passion and deep expertise, OneTouch Direct creates unified brand experiences that break the rules and foster meaningful relationships. For over 20 years, our people-centric, data driven outsourcing solutions have powered better revenues and profitability across the full customer life cycle. For more information visit https://www.onetouchdirect.com/.

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