CINCINNATI, OH - Slovin & Associates, a Cincinnati-based law firm that provides clients with the personal, hands-on accessibility of a small law firm combined with the deep experience of industry veterans, is proud to support dozens of local artists through its new office. 

As Slovin began looking for ways to make its new office more engaging and inspiring, the team turned to local community artists to showcase their work. By displaying local artwork in the workplace, the team not only enhanced the office’s aesthetic appeal with interesting pieces that trigger conversations, inspiration, and positive community discussions but also supported those in the community working hard to make a living. 

“We didn’t want to go to TJ Maxx or Marshalls to buy corporate art to put in the office,” Slovin and Associates Partner Randy Slovin said during a Receivables Roundtable podcast with Receivables Info Founder Adam Parks. “We are going to work with emerging artists and display their work. We’ve acquired about a dozen pieces, and we want to have as many as 30 pieces of local art displayed in this office.” 

Supporting the Community

Slovin and Associates has long valued the impact its organization can make in the community. For decades, its founding partners have made donations to various charities, local hospitals, and other organizations looking to better the global community. Throughout the process of adding artwork to the office, Slovin has met with truly inspiring artists that will continue to make a difference both at the office and in the community. 

Slovin has commissioned additional artwork to fill the office and continues to support other local charities, including the New Life Furniture Bank, as they continue to look for ways to help wherever is needed. 

The New Life Furniture Bank

The New Life Furniture Bank partners with local social service agencies to provide full house furniture to families and individuals overcoming devastating circumstances, so they can start their new life with hope and dignity. At Slovin and Associates, the team realized the value of providing support to not only those afflicted by homelessness but also those who have found permanent housing and cannot afford to provide beds or supplies for their families. 

For Slovin’s 15th anniversary, the company participated in a program called Beds for Sleepy Heads to get kids off the floor and into a bed. Slovin helped purchase several truckloads of beds, nightstands, and lamps for children. The latest American Community Survey estimates that more than 89,000 kids in the Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky areas are affected by child poverty, with many of them lacking a bed to sleep in. 

“Once they find housing, that’s not the end of it,” Slovin said. “We wanted to help them with something as simple as a bed.” 

Living With Change

Continuing with their support of at-risk children, Slovin and Associates supports their local Cincinnati Children’s Hospital whenever possible. Specifically, there is one program—Living With Change—that partner Randy Slovin holds close to his heart. The Living With Change center at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital works to bring more resources, more professionals, and, ultimately, better outcomes for transgender youth and their families to the area. 

“That group of people are some of the most at-risk individuals in our society. We support that organization, and they do amazing work through the children's hospital for education, psychiatrists, and helping the kids adjust at school,” Mr. Slovin said. 

Learn More Online

Slovin and Associates believes that supporting local communities is a vital part of its responsibility as a business. By investing in local charities, artists, and other community initiatives, the business helps to create a more vibrant and connected community. To learn more about what they do and how they help clients, consumers, and their community, visit their website at

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