Auriemma Roundtables, a leading business intelligence provider for the consumer finance ecosystem, is excited to announce the acquisition of insideARM, LLC, including the insideARM and Collections & Recovery media brands, and the Consumer Relations Consortium (CRC), and Research Assistant (RA) products.

Founded in 1998, insideARM, LLC is a multi-faceted company that provides news, education, community, resources, and events for debt collection professionals, including Agencies (First & Third Party), Debt Buyers (Passive & Active), and Lenders and Creditors. The acquisition does not include Women in Consumer Finance, which will be run as a separate entity by Stephanie Eidelman, insideARM founder.

Auriemma Roundtables’ acquisition includes:

  • insideARM: Publishing since 2000, insideARM’s news site has amassed a devoted readership in the accounts receivable management (ARM) industry, including collection agencies and law firms, debt buyers, creditors, suppliers of technology and services, regulators, investors, and other industry stakeholders.
  • Collections & Recovery: This news source is a resource for consumer lending professionals from lenders and creditors. Content is focused on optimized collections strategy, compliance, vendor management, and the shift to digital collections.
  • Consumer Relations Consortium: A consortium for forward-thinking Debt Collection Agencies (First & Third Party) and Debt Buyers (Passive & Active) who want to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to new regulations, collections compliance, and legal strategy. Consortium members engage with regulators, consumer groups, and other stakeholders to produce common-sense solutions that benefit consumers, creditors and servicers.

Research Assistant: A source for premium, Compliance Management System (CMS)-enhancing tools. Members receive weekly meetings moderated by compliance experts, weekly compliance alert email and practical analysis, members-only question submission portal, and a library of up-to-date tools including access to relevant state laws specific to debt collection, compliance and organizational tools, policy templates, reports, and on-demand videos.

Auriemma Roundtables has long provided business intelligence offerings to consumer lender collections professionals in its Roundtable business line, including Auto, Card (Collections and Recovery), Personal & Student Lending, and Dialer Strategy. The insideARM, LLC acquisition will further expand Auriemma Roundtables’ presence in Collections to provide value for third-party accounts receivable management executives.

“insideARM and its product suite is well-respected and will help strengthen our presence in the Collections and Risk space,” said Tom LaMagna, President of Auriemma Roundtables. “This solidifies our continued commitment to build our presence as the core source for data and knowledge in financial services.”

“Auriemma Roundtables shares the insideARM brand values and has the roadmap and capabilities to take our initiatives to the next level,” said Eidelman, insideARM founder. “The team is well-respected with deep access to the audience that our audience wants to reach. I couldn't have asked for a better outcome for insideARM’s team, customers and partners.”

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