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RMAI Applauds CFPB Consumer Financial Protection Week

14 July 2020

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CFPB Ratifies its Pre-Seila Activity—But What Does That Mean?

9 July 2020

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Tom Pahl to be Named Deputy Director of the CFPB

6 July 2020

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CFPB Rulemaking Agenda: Final Rules Expected October 2020

1 July 2020

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United States Supreme Court Provides Little Guidance to Remedy an Unconstitutional CFPB

1 July 2020

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New Credit Reporting Bill Passed by House, Seeks to Make Credit Reporting More Consumer-Friendly

30 June 2020

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Wash. AG Sues Debt Collector for Time-Barred Debt Issues

30 June 2020

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SCOTUS Speaks: CFPB Structure Unconstitutional

29 June 2020

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CFPB Testing Model Validation Notice...Again

29 June 2020

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CFPB Launches Advisory Opinion Pilot Program to Provide Clarity Where There is Regulatory Uncertainty

22 June 2020

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Must-Read for Data Furnishers: CFPB Releases FAQs on CARES Act Credit Reporting Requirements

18 June 2020

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Taskforce Trouble: NACA and Other Consumer Advocates Sue the CFPB

17 June 2020

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Debt Collection Complaints Down? CFPB Releases COVID Edition of Complaint Bulletin

27 May 2020

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Greene v. TrueAccord Further Refines Email Best Practices

20 May 2020

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CFPB Extends SNPRM Comment Period Again Due to COVID

19 May 2020

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CFPB Encourages Automated Calls from Banks and Servicers to Consumers Who Need Financial Help

29 April 2020

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Cordray Weighs In: Recommends Vigorous Oversight of Debt Collectors During and After COVID-19

6 April 2020

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CFPB Provides Policy Statement: Credit Reporting During COVID-19

2 April 2020

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CFPB's Taskforce on Consumer Financial Law Wants to Hear from Debt Collectors in RFI

30 March 2020

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CFPB Releases 2019 FDCPA Report; Announces Extension Of Comment Period

30 March 2020