A credit grantor is any individual or business that extends credit to customers. The credit can be for other businesses or consumers and can come in many forms, such as closed-end loans (like auto loans, mortgages, and student loans), revolving loans (like credit cards or certain home equity loans), or a hybrid of the two. Some credit is backed by property or assets. In the U.S., the primary credit grantors are large commercial banks and credit unions. But credit is also extended by small businesses, governments, and other organizations.

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CFPB Says ECOA Applies to an Accounts Full Life Cycle, including Collection Procedures

10 May 2022

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CFPB Issues Report on Credit Card Late Fees

6 April 2022

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Without Creditor Cooperation, Debt Collectors Cannot Safely Work Accounts After November 29th

11 October 2021

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NY Department of Financial Services announces initiative to collect and publish diversity data

17 August 2021

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Maine Amends Consumer Credit Code to Target Loans Made Using Bank Partnership Model

12 August 2021

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CFPB Fines GreenSky $2.5 Million and Requires Cancellation of $9 Million in Loans

15 July 2021

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Credit Eco To Go: Creating a Voice for Fintechs

6 July 2021

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Executive Q&A: Katabat CEO Shares Charge-Off Predictions and Thoughts About the Future

25 May 2021

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Maryland Alleges Partnership Program Between Missouri Bank and Fintech Partners Violates State Licensing Laws

18 May 2021

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Executive Q&A: Oliver CEO Shares How Top Creditors are Shifting the Collections Paradigm to Win in a Dynamic Compliance Environment

11 May 2021

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Executive Q&A: How Convoke Solves Third-Party Oversight for Creditors

4 May 2021

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Executive Q&A: Amy Perkins Talks With Brad McCurnin of Harvest Strategy Group

15 March 2021

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What the CFPB’s New Debt Collection Rules Mean for Creditors and First-Party Servicers (sponsored)

25 February 2021

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CFPB's Latest Report Focuses on Actual Payment Information in Credit Reports

2 December 2020

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9th Cir. Holds Mere Reliance on Contract Provision Not Enough for FDCPA ‘Bona Fide Error’ Defense

19 November 2020

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The CFPB's Final Debt Collection Rule: Impacts on Creditors

4 November 2020

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Credit Eco To Go: The Digitization of Financial Services is Here

15 September 2020

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CFPB Study of Consumer Finances Following Early Pandemic is Positive. Will Coming Months Paint a Different Story?

1 September 2020

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Breakdown of NYC DCA FAQs and Reporting Requirements for New LEP Rule

10 August 2020

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How Your Peers are Handling Strategy & Tech Issues, Data Straight from the iAST Polls

22 July 2020