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You Can't Avoid a Data Breach - Three Ways to Prepare for the Inevitable

23 June 2022

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Washington Court Sides with Hunstein Copycat; Rejects Main Industry Defenses

15 June 2022

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Fifth State in the Union Becomes Fifth State to Enact Data Privacy Legislation

17 May 2022

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Utah Speedily Becomes Fourth State to Enact Consumer Data Privacy Legislation

5 April 2022

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State Privacy Legislation Update: What’s New and What’s Ahead

15 March 2022

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Amendments to the GLBA Safeguards Rule: What’s New, What’s Not, and What’s Hot for Non-Banking Financial Institutions

1 March 2022

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2021 Review of State and Federal Data Privacy Legislation

12 January 2022

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Credit Eco To Go: Data, Data Everywhere...

7 December 2021

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Hunstein: Court Sets Date for en banc Hearing; Limits Briefs to Standing

23 November 2021

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11th Circuit Issues Substitute Opinion in Hunstein; Will Dissent provide Key for Defense Against Copycats?

29 October 2021

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Transunion Agrees to Acquire Neustar for $3.1 Billion in Cash

13 September 2021

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Eastern District of New York Dismisses Six Hunstein Copy-Cat Cases; Questions Hunstein’s Viability After TransUnion

26 July 2021

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Colorado Enacts Comprehensive Consumer Data Privacy Legislation

14 July 2021

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Thinking Differently: The 4 Most Common Mistakes Plaguing Data Science and AI for Debt Collection

30 June 2021

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Per SCOTUS: “No Concrete Harm, No Standing”

28 June 2021

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California Updates: Privacy Protection Agency Holds First Meeting; DFPI issues FAQs regarding State Licensing; and DFPI Commissioner Steps Down

22 June 2021

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CFPB to Look at Racial Issues; Examines County Level Demographic Data

8 June 2021

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Second Circuit Ruling Clarifies When Data Breach Plaintiffs Have Adequately Plead Article III Standing

12 May 2021

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Credit Eco to Go: Data… the Good, the Bad and the Soon to be Regulated

15 April 2021

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ICYMI: New York DFS Settles With Mortgage Lender for Failing to Report Data Breach

13 April 2021