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FTC Releases Do Not Call Registry Data Book

1 December 2021

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FTC Reports on Fighting Fraud in Minority Communities

21 October 2021

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FTC Opens Rulemaking Petition Process, Promoting Public Participation and Accountability

20 September 2021

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CFPB and FTC Each Issue Fines/Penalties Against Debt Settlement Companies

24 May 2021

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Woah: Supreme Court Strips FTC Of Key Ability to Obtain Monetary Relief in Court–Congress Vows Swift Action

27 April 2021

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CFPB Submits 2020 Report to Congress; Highlights Consumer Focus, Enforcement Actions

25 March 2021

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FTC Provides Annual Letter to CFPB on Debt Collection Activities

22 March 2021

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FTC Permanently Bans Collection Agencies From Debt Collection

17 March 2021

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Chopra and Slaughter Dissent to FTC's Settlement With Zoom Provides Window to What's Coming

3 February 2021

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Kraninger Resigns as CFPB Director

21 January 2021

Microphone sitting on table [Image by creator olegkruglyak3 from AdobeStock]

Biden Selects Rohit Chopra to Lead Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

19 January 2021

Person touching a mobile phone that says "Privacy" and has a picture of a lock [Image by creator maicasaa from AdobeStock]

FTC Announces Two Information Privacy and Data Security Enforcement Actions

19 January 2021

Microphone sitting on table [Image by creator olegkruglyak3 from AdobeStock]

Operation Corrupt Collector: Federal and State Regulators Announce Sweeping Law Enforcement Action

29 September 2020

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Whitepaper on Debt Collection Released by the Conference of State Bank Supervisors

13 February 2020

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Federal Robocall Watchdogs Flex Enforcement Muscles

3 February 2020

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CFPB Forms Taskforce to Review Federal Consumer Financial Laws, Includes Zywicki

13 January 2020

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Credit Reporting Issues Highlighted in the FTC's and CFPB's Workshop

12 December 2019

A person pushing a button on a laptop that appears to have illustrated white envelopes jumping out of it [Image by creator ra2 studio from AdobeStock]

FTC’s Former BCP Director Criticizes NPRM Hyperlinks Proposal as Exposing Consumers to Danger

26 August 2019

Image of smiling woman sitting cross-legged on a blue arm chair working on a laptop with floating words "data protection" and lots of white security icons [Image by creator Tierney from AdobeStock]

CFPB, FTC, and State AGs Settle with Equifax over 2017 Data Breach

22 July 2019

An outside view of a door to the Federal Trade Commission [Image by creator demerzel21 from AdobeStock]

FTC Files Lawsuit Against Credit Repair Organizations for Illegal Upfront Fees and Threatening Consumers with Legal Action

24 June 2019