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Has the Definition of Consumer Changed? Insight from Research Assistant

24 November 2020

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E.D.N.Y. Judge Warns Frequent-Filer Plaintiffs' Firm: Continue Filing Frivolous Cases Like This and You'll Get Sanctioned

10 November 2020

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Four Things That the CFPB's Final Debt Collection Rule Got Right

8 November 2020

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The Puzzle Box That is the Validation Notice Provision in the CFPB's New Rules

5 November 2020

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CFPB Final Debt Collection Rule v. NPRM: What Made the Final Cut?

2 November 2020

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CFPB Debt Collection Rule Released: How Did the Cookie Crumble on Hot Industry Topics?

30 October 2020

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A Review of Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett's Prior FDCPA Court Decisions

27 October 2020

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The Trichell Offspring Saga: M.D. Fla. Dismisses FDCPA Suit for Lack of Standing

20 October 2020

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Hopefully the End of the Debt Itemization Circus? 7th Cir. and CFPB Side with Debt Collector

15 October 2020

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Are Your Debt Collection Communications Getting Through and Timed Right?

6 October 2020

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Interest Disclosure Cases Haven't Stopped, but Plaintiffs Keep Losing

1 October 2020

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The Slow Demise of Recent Collection Letter Overshadowing Claims

24 September 2020

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Bona Fide Error Defense Doesn't Always Apply in "Amount of Debt" Cases

14 September 2020

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Neither Snow Nor Rain Nor Heat Nor Gloom of Night: Debt Collection and the USPS

26 August 2020

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Colorado Announces Required Changes to Collection Notices

23 July 2020

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Wash. AG Sues Debt Collector for Time-Barred Debt Issues

30 June 2020

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CFPB Testing Model Validation Notice...Again

29 June 2020

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Legal Language in Collection Letter Not False/Deceptive/Misleading, Says N.D. Ill.

23 June 2020

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7th Cir. Says Plaintiff Failed to Meet Burden of Proof in "May Be Reported" Collection Letter Language Case

10 June 2020

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In Email, Linked Pages are Considered Part of the "Whole" Message When Evaluating the FDCPA, According to New Mexico Court

3 June 2020