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A binder that says "Guidelines" on the spine sitting on a desk with a pen, calculator, and open binder [Image by creator DOC RABE Media from AdobeStock]

CFPB Says its UDAAP Authority Includes Ability to Review for Discrimination; Updates UDAAP Exam Procedure

22 March 2022

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OSHA Releases COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standard on Vaccination and Testing

8 November 2021

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11th Circuit Issues Substitute Opinion in Hunstein; Will Dissent provide Key for Defense Against Copycats?

29 October 2021

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Radius Global Solutions Partners With

13 September 2021

A sea of small white paper boats "swimming up stream", with one blue boat swimming off to the side [Image by creator Worawut from AdobeStock]

Thinking Differently about Thinking Differently: An Interview with Michael Meyer of MRS BPO

1 September 2021

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Connecticut and Minnesota Approve Work From Home; MN Requires Debt Buyers to be Licensed

8 July 2021

Credit Eco to Go and insideARM podcast partnership [Image by creator  from ]

Credit Eco To Go: 2021 Financial Services Priorities: Fairness and Equality

17 June 2021

Credit Eco to Go and insideARM podcast partnership [Image by creator  from ]

Credit Eco to Go: Machine Learning—The Results are In: Consumers Really Do Respond Better to Digital Communications

1 June 2021

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Ten Blind Spots to Avoid When Implementing Digital Technology (sponsored)

20 April 2021

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In Today's Technology-Driven Collections, Age Matters

8 April 2021

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Executive Q&A: Stephanie Eidelman Talks With Todd Meeks of Neustar

30 March 2021

A cup of coffee, a pen, and a magnifying glass sitting on a blackboard that says "Lessons Learned" written in chalk [Image by creator Tuomas Kujansuu from AdobeStock]

4 Lessons From the CFPB's Supervisory Highlights Covid-19 Edition

10 February 2021

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Has the Definition of Consumer Changed? Insight from Research Assistant

24 November 2020

Photo of a line of people looking at their mobile phones [Image by creator ultramansk from AdobeStock]

Callers, Start Your Engines: Reassigned Number Database is Revving Up

3 August 2020

 [Image by creator blacksalmon from AdobeStock]

How Your Peers are Handling Strategy & Tech Issues, Data Straight from the iAST Polls

22 July 2020

File drawer with one folder in focus, labeled "Licenses" [Image by creator tashatuvango from AdobeStock]

Minnesota Extends Work-From Home Guidance for Collectors

18 May 2020

Clipboard with credit report and pen [Image by creator tashatuvango from AdobeStock]

7 Best Practices for Credit Reporting and Disputes During COVID-19

6 May 2020

Arms of 5 business people holding up different colored large "quote" marks [Image by creator Sergey Nivens from AdobeStock]

Receivables Industry Leaders Share COVID-19 Strategies, Successes, and Lessons Learned

23 April 2020

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Do You Have Insurance Coverage For Business Losses Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic?

22 April 2020

A line of open multi-colored highlighters [Image by creator pamela_d_mcadams from AdobeStock]

Three Key Challenges to Collecting Pre-Charge Off Debt

16 April 2020