Regulation F goes into effect on 20 November 2021 -- and for some, that means a list of projects to prioritize and execute in less than 11 months.

An attorney (who is not giving legal advice), a Vice President of Compliance (who is not giving legal advice), and a Compliance Manager (who is not giving legal advice) will join insideARM's Mike Bevel to discuss ways to strategically and effectively prioritize what needs doing now (as well as what might be able to be pushed a little later).

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This webinar looks at:

Regulation F and the Congressional Review Act

Q1/Q2 Regulation F Priorities

- Credit Reporting

- Hand-off Letter for Clients

- Model Validation Notice

- Applying for a DBA

- Managing Consumer Preference: Communication

Downloadable Resources

Reg F Q1/Q2 Prioritization Slide Deck (PDF)

Reg F Model Validation Notice (Word doc)

Reg F Client Hand-off Letter Template (Word doc)