As part of its information service, KG Prime, Kaulkin Ginsberg has published a three-part market intelligence series, the 2015 Utilities Market Intelligence Series.

This series provides accounts receivable management business owners with an in-depth analysis of the utilities industry. The whitepaper, which contains an overview of the series, explains this is a highly-regulated market with a tremendous level of regional fragmentation, but it presents excellent opportunities for ARM companies. Market fragmentation combined with the sheer volume of customers makes this a great market for first- and third-party collections, collection litigation, and client relationship management services.

The analysis introduces and defines the size of the market, and details some of the current M&A events that are shaping the industry. It also considers the impact regulatory bodies, utility market drivers, and economic factors have on customers and, in turn, ARM companies. Finally, it provides a case study of the 15 largest U.S. utility companies and Kaulkin Ginsberg’s insight into market trends.

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