GERMANTOWN, Md. – Kaulkin Ginsberg recently announced its collaboration with Cornerstone Support, Inc. Cornerstone Support is the second company with which Kaulkin Ginsberg is partnering to expand upon the strategic information offered to the accounts receivable management (ARM) industry. This information is available for free on KG Prime – Kaulkin Ginsberg’s members-only and comprehensive strategic information portal.

“Insurance and licensing are vitally important to the ARM industry. Many ARM companies are finding it very challenging to obtain affordable TCPA coverage, for example,” said Mike Ginsberg, president & CEO of Kaulkin Ginsberg. “We are thrilled to be collaborating with Cornerstone Support to provide strategic insights to ARM executives who might not get it anywhere else.”

Information available now on KG Prime includes state licensing information detailing compliance issues and how to properly weigh the benefits of a certain collector’s insurance plan versus its associated costs. These critical topics within KG Prime are also complemented by strategic insight, as it relates to licensing, for business owners when participating in M&A.

When asked why Cornerstone Support is collaborating with Kaulkin Ginsberg, Matt Pridemore, principal at Cornerstone Support, said, “Insurance and licensing is a topic that is relevant to every ARM firm, and executives need a trusted source and outlet to receive this information, which we believe KG Prime is.”

To access this information, please register to KG Prime, if you haven’t already, by simply visiting and requesting a company code today!

About Cornerstone Support, Inc.

Cornerstone Support has been the ARM industry leader in licensing and insurance for more than twenty years. They have served as a valued partner to a countless number of agencies, debt buyers, and attorneys alike, and their level of experience and knowledge in state licensing and insurance is unparalleled in the industry.

About Kaulkin Ginsberg Company

Since 1991, Kaulkin Ginsberg Company has provided critical strategic advice to the outsourced business services industry with a focus on accounts receivable management (ARM). Our client-centric approach covers almost every stage of a company’s life cycle and enables us to maintain longstanding relationships as trusted advisors. We provide mergers and acquisition advisory, strategic consulting, valuation and financial solutions, market intelligence and analysis, as well as litigation support and expert witness.

To confidentially discuss your interests, please contact us at or visit our website.

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