OGDEN, Utah -- Technological advances make long-distance connection a part of business. But there’s no denying face-to-face interaction is still the best way to learn, engage and connect. PDCflow integration partner DAKCS Software appreciates the need for connection, and understand the value can add to day-to-day operations of a collection agency.

That is why DAKCS has announced the 2017 Interchange Summit. The focus of the event will be for DAKCS customers to share and connect, and interact to get the most out of their software automations. This goal will be maximized for the joint customers of DAKCS and PDCflow. They will have the additional expertise of a roundtable co-chaired by professionals from each company, who can speak to all aspects of their collection and payment processing software. The summit will be held in Ogden, Utah, from September 21-23.    

Participants will gain knowledge not only from the table leaders, but from each other. By discussing issues such as data security, compliance, and integration solutions, attendees can learn how their colleagues manage everyday practices. They can also use this time to have relevant, non sales-focused conversations that will directly improve the collection functions of their agencies.

Angelica Iniguez and Jeremy Fong will be the experts representing PDCflow, and will be assisted by DAKCS specialist Julie Newman. The three panelists will educate attendees on PDCflow’s integration with DAKCS, and how the systems work together. Iniguez, Fong and Newman plan to conduct customer-directed conversations aimed at helping DAKCS clients get the most out of their collection and payment processing softwares. The PDCflow hosted roundtable topics are:

  • QwikFlow Signature And Compliance - The PDCflow/DAKCS panel will discuss the benefits of QwikFlow, where to access QwikFlow in the DAKCS system, and how the product can be used to minimize chargebacks.
  • Integrated Credit Card And ACH Processing - This topic will focus on the reconciliation process DAKCS customers use for ACH and credit card processing. The experts will discuss how clients are utilizing reporting features in everyday workflows.
  • Integrated IVR And Compliant Payments - During this segment, the panel will educate clients on how IVR can create a 24 hour solution to payment collection. They will also educate users on keeping IVR payments
  • Scoring And The Importance Of The Recovery Score - DAKCS expert Julie Newman will discuss the logistics of utilizing the recovery tool in DAKCS. The panel will also help users understand and increase the chance of collectability with their customers.

About PDCflow

As sister company to DAKCS, and the collection software company’s payment and e-signature with document delivery integration partner, PDCflow is uniquely positioned to answer questions and help attendees get the most out of their payment workflows.

PDCflow is a complete Payment Management Solution that is simple, fast, and secure, so businesses get paid faster. The application allows multi-channel payments, payment authorization with eSignatures, and document delivery for small business to enterprise - all from one central platform. 

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