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Katie Grzechnik Neill

General Counsel & Regulatory Editor at insideARM

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In her role as General Counsel and Regulatory Editor at The iA Institute and insideARM (iA), Katie Grzechnik Neill considers herself the legal and regulatory navigator for the consumer financial services industry. In her role, Katie keeps the industry current on what is going on in the legal and regulatory landscape through iA's news, helps guide industry initiatives as a Steering Committee Member of the Consumer Relations Consortium, and brought to life the iA Case Law Tracker, which lets industry members easily track the myriad court decisions that come out on a daily basis faster than it takes to grab a morning cup of coffee. 

Katie is also a proud military spouse and actively advocates for easing the burdens that military life places on professional and career-oriented spouses.

Posts Authored 387

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The Slow Demise of Recent Collection Letter Overshadowing Claims

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As NYC DCA Language Rule Deadline Approaches, Questions Remain

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CFPB Announces new Consumer Advisory Board Members, No Respresentation for Debt Collectors Yet Again

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NYDFS Bares its Teeth, Files its First Enforcement Action Against Debt Collector

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Bona Fide Error Defense Doesn't Always Apply in "Amount of Debt" Cases

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Credit Reporting Issues and False Threats from Debt Collectors—Featured Topics in CFPB's Supervisory Highlights

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CFPB Sues Encore for Issues Related to Collection Litigation and Time-Barred Debts (and the Irony Behind Some of These Claims)

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Louisiana's Emergency Prohibition of Telephonic Solicitation Might Cover Debt Collection Calls

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Plaintiff's Counsel Drops the Ball, Court Grants Summary Judgment for Debt Collector

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Brace Yourselves: California Debt Collection Licensing is (Probably) Coming

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Another Overshadowing FDCPA Claim Bites the Dust

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Nevada Confirms that its Work from Home Provisions Have Expired

 [Image by creator aerogondo from adobestock]

California's Mini-CFPB Proposal Pokes its Head Out of the Ground Again

Person touching a mobile phone that says "Privacy" and has a picture of a lock [Image by creator maicasaa from AdobeStock]

CCPA Regulations Finalized

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Colorado Proposed Debt Collection Rule Changes, Stakeholder Meeting Scheduled

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Virginia Supreme Court Evictions for Failure to Pay Rent, but Not Without Scalding Dissents from Within its Own Bench

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Dismissals of Overshadowing/Letter Format Claims Continue in E.D.N.Y.

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Breakdown of NYC DCA FAQs and Reporting Requirements for New LEP Rule

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Attorneys General Band Together, Urge Senate to Provide Further Student Loan Relief

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7th Circuit Reiterates: Credit Reporting Medical Debts Separately is Not a Violation