DALLAS, Texas – SWC Group selected Ronald McDonald House of Dallas (RMHD) as their third quarter 2016 Charities of Choice. Employees from their Carrollton, TX office volunteered to prepare and serve breakfast for families staying at the Dallas house, and raised a total of $1,653 in donations.

“It costs RMHD approximately $125 per night to host a family, but they only ask families to contribute $15 night and will not turn anyone away who cannot pay,” says Jeff Hurt, CEO. “We choose to support RMDH in their mission so that they can continue to provide families the opportunity to remain intact with their loved ones.”

Employees were broken into teams and competed to see who could raise the most money. Team members were allowed to purchase a “jeans pass” in order to generate additional funds. The team who raised the most money was awarded a paid volunteer day in order to serve the families breakfast at the RMHD.  The winning team, Team Robert Volel, selected the menu and submitted it for approval.  On August 24, 2016 the team purchased, cooked and served the food, and cleaned the kitchen up afterwards. It was a great team building experience for SWC Group employees.

“RMHD does great work to help out our local community and we are honored to donate funds for them, and thankful for the opportunity to serve those families in need,” says Hurt. “We look forward to volunteering with them again.”



About SWC Group

SWC Group is one of the nation’s leading provider of accounts receivable management and consumer service solutions.  They bring 40 years of proven experience in the government, tolling, utility, telecommunications, cable, property management, and education industries. SWC Group annually manages billions of dollars in receivable accounts, proudly serving organization of all sizes from Fortune 500 private firms to small public agencies.

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