The ongoing saga of the Department of Education (ED) Collection RFP for Private Collection Agency work continues.  As of this morning the General Accounting Office (GAO) website reflected eleven protests filed in the matter of ED Solicitation Number: ED-FSA-16-R-0009.  The link to the GAO site can be found here. insideARM has been checking the site on a daily basis. Yesterday the site showed only the two protests filed that we reported on December 21, 2016. Today there were 9 additional filings noted. 

The eleven protests that showed up on the GAO site this morning were filed by: 

Alltran Education, Inc. (f/k/a Enterprise Recovery Systems)

Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation

Van Ru Credit Corporation

Global Receivables Solutions, Inc.  (f/k/a West Asset Management)

Williams & Fudge, Inc.

Continental Service Group, Inc.

Performant Recovery, Inc. (f/k/a Diversified Collection Services)

Collection Technology, Inc.

Account Control Technology, Inc.

Pioneer Credit Recovery, Inc.

General Revenue Corporation

On December 19, 2016  insideARM wrote about the debriefing schedule for the 41 companies that were not initially selected and that requested a debriefing. In that article insideARM suggested that there would likely be a large number of protests and that the timing for filing a protest was ten days after the debriefings which were to occur which was “no later than 5:00pm EST, December 23, 2016.”

Depending upon how you count the 10-day period when considering the Christmas and New Year’s holiday, 10 days from that date could have been Tuesday, January 3rd.  However, sources tell us that ED did not meet that December 23 debriefing deadline.  In fact, insideARM has learned that some debriefings were not received until late in the week AFTER Christmas.   Thus, it is likely that there is still time for additional protests to be filed. We will provide periodic updates as we learn of additional filings.

insideARM Perspective

As insideARM has noted in all of our coverage of this RFP, the stakes are high.  It will be very interesting to see the final number of protests filed. The results of the protests will be fascinating.


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