COLLINGSWOOD, N.J. -- Are you a debt collection company or call center with underutilized staff due to restrictions related to the Coronavirus pandemic?  The skills your employees already have match the current, immediate need governments at all levels now have for contact tracers. As the nation moves towards re-opening and recovering from the pandemic, contact tracing efforts will be key in responding to new outbreaks and aiding in mitigation efforts.  If you see the value in shifting your company focus to include call center and contact tracing, sign up to get free call center and contract tracing leads today at

These RFPs are in response to government agencies and health departments across the nation urgently trying to hire contact tracers. As a debt collector or call center, your employees already know how to handle the key components of contact tracing; problem solving, respecting the privacy of the individual and responding with patience and compassion in a time of crisis. 

Companies like yours can use to hear about new call center and contract tracing leads (plus debt collection leads, too) once per week for free via our Weekly Lead Digest.  For a small monthly spend, you can hear about these leads daily instead of weekly and receive other benefits. Companies of significant size have access to premium tools to include:

  • Open procurement tracking services to ensure users hear about every addendum and procurement change in real time.
  • The ability to submit questions to buyers anonymously through the site.
  • Contract award announcements as they become known.
  • Access to hard-to-obtain government documents like contracts, evaluations, and winning proposals to enable users to see detailed information showing why specific companies won specific procurements and – as important – why others did not.
  • Search tools to let users research competitor pricing and winning proposals by buyer type, region, and other attributes.
  • Advanced notice of upcoming procurements to kick start the sales cycle.

About, the government contract intelligence website offering users more than just leads for public sector procurements since 2008, lets users access unlimited “Premium” data in industries to include Debt Collection, Call Center, and EMS Billing. Since its 2018 relaunch, the site now enables anyone to specify their particular interests from among ten top-level industries, from professional services to construction to finance and technology and beyond.  Users can set preferences to be notified about leads in nearly sixty sub-industries, such as collections, billing, systems development, business services, and others, covering every conceivable type of government purchase. Learn more at

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