NEW YORK, N.Y. -- the leading Conversational Voice AI solution provider in the Account Receivable Management (ARM) sector, announced its partnership with Transfinancial Companies LLC. This strategic collaboration empowers Transfinancial, a Louisiana-based collection agency that has over 30 years of experience in the healthcare sector, to overcome prevalent challenges in debt collection by streamlining their process and accelerating revenue recovery. 

Transfinancial Companies, was grappled with common industry challenges like agent scarcity, escalating collection costs, low consumer connectivity, difficulty achieving scale, and meeting compliance requirements. These difficulties are symptomatic of broader ARM industry issues, accentuated by stringent regulations and volatile economic conditions. By implementing's Augmented Voice Intelligence (AVI) platform Transfinancial Companies, has incised a pivotal shift in their debt collection process. With this solution, apart from enhancing the consumer experiences the company has achieved significant outcomes such as an over 53% engagement rate, a high Right Party Contact (RPC) of over 25%, while dialing over 200,000 calls, leading to a remarkable increase in the overall return on investment.

Anthony Verdicanno, President & C.O.O. at Transfinancial Companies, stated, "’s technology has proved very effective, breaking-even very early and moving beyond it. Their platform smoothly integrated with our payment gateways, effortlessly handled high call volumes, and adhered strictly to compliance standards. Furthermore, the improvements in collections also testify that consumers have begun to prefer conversing with’s Voice AI solution and are becoming habitual in making on-call payments. This is the right step in improving consumer experience as we can now reach them at the right time, with the right message, and make their repayment journey more pleasant.” is not merely transforming collection processes for Transfinancial; it's leading a paradigm shift within the entire ARM industry. This partnership is a significant milestone for as it underscores that its Voice AI solution has yet again found rapid acceptance with consumers who have begun to enjoy the convenience that comes with intelligent automation. 

“Our solution has proven to be a cost-effective option for the ARM industry. Transfinancial Companies have tackled critical concerns such as the availability of skilled agents and retaining them with our product. Since our deployment, they have reached out to over 200,000 consumers and achieved a significant milestone of a 53% engagement rate. Collection agencies that deploy our solution will be able to experience similar results and provide an enhanced consumer experience.” Stated Sourabh Gupta, Founder and CEO of

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About Transfinancial Companies, LLC.: 

Transfinancial Companies Credit Recovery and Management Systems Is a collection agency located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. They have been in business since 1992.Transfinancial Companies collect debts for hospitals and other providers in the healthcare industry.

About is the leading Conversational Voice AI company in the ARM industry, enabling collection agencies to streamline and accelerate revenue recovery.'s Compliant, Configurable, and Easy-to-deploy solution enables enterprises to automate nearly one million weekly consumer conversations. has been awarded several awards & recognitions, including Disruptive Technology of the Year 2022 by CCW; Stevie Bronze Winner 2022 by The International Business Awards; Gold Globee CEO Awards 2022. is headquartered in New York City, NY.

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