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How Does Your Compliance Department Stack Up Against Others in the Industry?

insideARM's Consumer Relations Consortium (CRC) and Research Assistant asked the industry, across a variety of asset-types, to describe and size their compliance departments.

We asked respondents to share information about:

  1. Baseline demographics
  2. Compliance team members
  3. Regulatory compliance employees
  4. Complaint management employees
  5. Licensing employees
  6. Contract administration employees
  7. Internal audit testing employees
  8. Vendor external audit testing employees
  9. Client external audit testing employees
  10. Cal l monitoring/QA employees
  11. Voice analytics employees
  12. T raining/education employees
  13. Legal/litigation employees
  14. Information security employees
  15. Attorneys

This report is free to Research Assistant and CRC members.

Not a member? We can fix this! Visit https://research-assistant.insidearm.com/ to learn more.

These benchmark surveys, developed by insideARM's CRC (Consumer Relations Consortium) and Research Assistant, are designed to give you targeted insight into specific questions.

Your data is never tied to your company, only to aggregated results.

Those who share their email at the end of the survey will receive a complimentary copy of the survey results once published.