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Katie Grzechnik Neill

General Counsel & Regulatory Editor at insideARM

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In her role as General Counsel and Regulatory Editor at The iA Institute and insideARM (iA), Katie Grzechnik Neill considers herself the legal and regulatory navigator for the consumer financial services industry. In her role, Katie keeps the industry current on what is going on in the legal and regulatory landscape through iA's news, helps guide industry initiatives as a Steering Committee Member of the Consumer Relations Consortium, and brought to life the iA Case Law Tracker, which lets industry members easily track the myriad court decisions that come out on a daily basis faster than it takes to grab a morning cup of coffee. 

Katie is also a proud military spouse and actively advocates for easing the burdens that military life places on professional and career-oriented spouses.

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Nevada Extends Collection Moratorium Until June 30

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Legal Action Letter Language Not Considered a False Threat of Litigation

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Debt Collection Complaints Down? CFPB Releases COVID Edition of Complaint Bulletin

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Data Shows Increase in Electronic Payments by Consumers After Receiving Stimulus Check Direct Deposits

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The Tide is Changing: E.D.N.Y. Sanctions Plaintiff's Counsel under FDCPA, Awards ~$37k in Fees/Costs to Debt Collector

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Connecticut Extends its No-Action Position Regarding Licensure of Home Branch Offices During COVID

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CFPB Extends SNPRM Comment Period Again Due to COVID

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Maryland Issues Guidance for Collection Agencies Closing Temporarily or Permanently

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Minnesota Extends Work-From Home Guidance for Collectors

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E.D.N.Y.: No Standing for Consumer to Bring FDCPA Claim Because It Wasn't Properly Disclosed in Bankruptcy Petition

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D. Ariz. Grants Rare Award of Costs to Debt Collector Under FDCPA Provision

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BREAKING: Court Grants Temporary Restraining Order Against Massachusetts Attorney General's Outbound Collection Call Ban

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Minnesota Order Protects Stimulus Checks and Halts ALL New Garnishments

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E.D.N.Y. Dismisses Another "Lawyer's Case" For Attempting to Twist Collection Letter Language into an FDCPA Violatoin

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ACA v. Mass. AG: Oral Argument Summary, Decision Expected Tomorrow

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Los Angeles City Council Urges Mayor to Prohibit Collections During COVID-19 Pandemic

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Senators Warren and Schatz Question Credit Bureaus About Their Compliance with CARES Act Requirements

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Letter Format/Overshadowing Claims Continue to Fall Flat in E.D.N.Y.

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Rhode Island Exempts Stimulus Checks from Seizure by Creditors and Debt Collectors

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NYC Introduces COVID-19 Relief Package: Tenants Get Relief from Evictions and Paying Late Rent