Now in its fifth year, the Best Places to Work in Collections recognition program has had hundreds of participants. And while each did not earn honors, we think that every business that has participated has benefited from the experience.

Of course, every company would like to see their name on the list of Best Places to Work in Collections. And many make the cut. But for those that do not make the list, there is still much learned about their companies and the way it is regarded among employees.

All participating companies receive a free one-page “Employer Benchmark Summary”, and will have the opportunity to purchase the full “Employee Feedback Report” that provides valuable data including a spreadsheet summarizing employee feedback, written employee comments, and industry benchmark information.

The reports are created by and purchased through Best Companies Group, the company that facilitates the program ( basically serves as a marketing and media outlet for this program).

These reports offer incredibly valuable information at an unbelievably fair price, regardless of whether you are selected as a winner. The value in having a third party conduct this survey is that you get candid information from your employees; your HR department could never gather this type of information. And if you chose to do it independently, you’d pay thousands of dollars.

Don’t take our word for it, here is what previous participants have said specifically about the reports:

The report was used by our management team during our 2012 Strategic Planning meeting.  Having the data accumulated for us, really gave us a great opportunity to look at the report and see what we are doing well and what we could improve on.  The statistical data gave a quality overview and the written feedback from employees helped us drill down even more and make changes for 2012.  - Executive Vice President of a Mid-Sized collection agency

The survey has been a great tool for us.  It was very helpful to see what the concerns we have from employees and make it comfortable for them to voice their opinions.  The feedback from the report has given us pinpoints to build from to make changes for our employees. – Customer Service Manager, Small collection agency

The deadline to enter Best Places to Work in Collection 2012 is Friday, July 13. Please register your company today. The registration process is free and takes a few minutes.


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