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Financial services reporters, Kate Berry, American Banker, Jon Hill, Law360, and Evan Weinberger, Bloomberg Law stop by #CreditEcoToGo with Joann Needleman for a year-end recap and forecasting for 2022. Our guests provide their insight and historical perspective of the #CFPB during this past year and where the agency is headed under recently confirmed Director, Rohit Chopra.  The politicization of the CFPB remains and all agree it may have gotten worse given that the Director now works at the pleasure of the President. Each guest makes the case for why industry should expect a wild ride in the coming year. Big-Tech will clearly be in the cross hairs but the consensus is that all financial services verticals will be subject to extensive supervision and enforcement. The recent riff at the FDIC and the CFPB’s efforts to influence banking policy will make for a tumultuous 2022. 

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