Debt collectors work with universities, colleges and private lenders to collect student loans. For education loans backed by the federal government, the U.S. Department of Education has a clearly-defined collection program that uses private collection agencies. Recent changes in federal law will shift all previously federally backed loans to direct loans from the federal government, cutting private lenders out of the equation.

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ED’s Pending PCA Small Biz Set Aside: More Litigation?

2 May 2018

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All Parties Now Look to May 4 For Answer in Dept of ED Debt Collection Litigation Round Two

16 April 2018

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Judge Says Plaintiffs in ED Case Likely to Succeed on Merits of Protest

7 March 2018

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DeVos to Assert that Only Department of ED, Not States, Can Regulate Student Loan Servicers

27 February 2018

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17 Lawsuits Now Filed in Dept of ED Collection Contract, Chapter 2

21 February 2018

BREAKING: Department of ED Completes Corrective Action in Debt Collection Contract

11 January 2018

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ED Takes Next Step in Development of NextGen Servicing System

19 December 2017

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New Judge Takes Bold Action in Department of ED Collection Case

12 December 2017

A Sudden Christmas Present for Defaulted Student Loan Borrowers?

12 December 2017


Dept. of ED's 21st Century Student Loan Plans Will Require CFPB Action

30 November 2017

New Judge in Dept of ED Case Makes First Move

28 November 2017

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New Judge Assigned to Dept. of ED Collection Case

21 November 2017

Judge Braden Denies Pending Motions in Dept. of ED Debt Collection Matter

1 November 2017

Image of a brick wall with an open section that says "government contract" against a black background [Image by creator underverse from AdobeStock]

ED Meets Latest Response Deadline in Debt Collection Contract Case...Sort Of

23 October 2017

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Nelnet to Acquire Great Lakes Educational Loan Services

20 October 2017

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Could CFPB’s Data Sharing Principles Make Debt Collection Better Too?

19 October 2017

FTC and 11 States Announce Actions Against Student Loan Debt Relief Scams

16 October 2017

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Latest Deadline Passes in Dept of ED Collection Case; Judge Sets New Deadline

12 October 2017

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Department of Education RFP Wars – Episode 26

18 September 2017

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Department of ED to CFPB: Thanks, We’ll Handle Oversight of Student Loan Servicers by Ourselves

5 September 2017